HSE, Project Management & Quality Assurance - 10 studiepoeng/credits

We want to start HSE, Project Management & Quality Assurance in autumn 2023. Subject to enough participants. Sign up via the form below.

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Start date: 02.october 2023

Postponed to: 30. october 2023.


How the modules are conducted?

HSE, Project Management & Quality Assurance contains three subjects. 

  • Project Management (4 credits/studiepoeng)
  • HSE (2 credits/studiepoeng)
  • Quality Assurance (4 credits/studiepoeng)

All subjects are online studies. We use Teams to complete the teaching. You can follow the teacher on Teams, or you can watch it later when it suits you.


How long does the module last?

These modules will start in the autumn 2023 and will last untill spring 2024. The teaching will take place at 17.00 – 20.00.


What admission requirements are there on these modules?

The Vocational school has a general requirement for a vocational certificate as admission to modules and studies. It is possible to be admitted on the basis of work experience and relevant documents of experience.


How much study load is there in these modules?

The subjects has 4 credits/studiepoeng or 2 credits/studiepoeng which corresponds to a study load of about 13% compared to a full-time study. A full-time student takes about 60 credits/studiepoeng per year.

In total it is set up 38 teaching hours. In addition you have to set aside time to read, work with tasks and tests/assessments.


What does it cost?

You do not pay anything to participate because we have received funds for shorter continuing education from the state, but you must buy literature yourself.


Shorter subjects do not provide support to the loan fund (Lånekassen).


What can I use the modules for afterwards?

The subjects are meant to provide insight and understanding. This can be part of many professions and work situations. You will learn more about relevant topics for your work situation.

The subjects also gives credits, which can be used Vocational schools, universities and colleges. Many of these schools have opened up for credit transfer of subjects.


What is the content of the subject?

HSE Learning outcome (PDF, 78 kB)



Coming soon.

Subject to changes.


Do you want more information?

Department Industry program and course activities
E-mail: bransjeprogram@skole.rogfk.no

Øystein Førsvoll
Department Manager
E-mail: oystein.forsvoll@skole.rogfk.no