Running an International Technical College

SOTS Course Centre has successfully taken part in a number of projects abroad providing services in consultancy, training of personnel, presentation of Internet based concepts, and setting up educational structures. Our international projects include:


“Train the Trainers” program for subsea technology.

Subsea Studies (PDF, 2 MB)



The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan together with The Foundation Rogaland Training and Education Centre (RKK) in Norway are cooperating to develop and strengthen vocational education and training in Azerbaijan. The grant is for a period of three years, from 2015 to 2017.



On the Job Training program developed for skills and competencies development in Brazilian oil and gas industry.

OOG OJT Program (PDF, 165 kB)



The aim of the partnership between ETERJ and SOTS was development of the Derrickman course for locals who wish to join the oil and gas market.

SOTS has been collaborating closely with Escola Técnica do Rio de Janeiro (ETERJ), a local vocational school in Rio de Janeiro since 2013. Both parties are committed to developing specialized training and education programs in Oil & Gas for the Brazilian market. These courses are being offered to interested parties, whether from the industry or private sectors.

Tailor-made courses are also developed upon request for customers interested in further advancing skills development for personnel working both onshore and offshore.

In May 2014, SOTS/ETERJ started a course specifically aimed at those interested in working offshore Drilling Departments, in positions up to and including Derrickman. The course content is based on Norwegian standards and curriculum but designed for the Brazilian Oil & Gas industry. Classes are held in Portuguese.

Course for Derrickman level (PDF, 542 kB)


Equatorial Guinea

Education of locally employed personnel from Equatorial Guinea within the area of industrial processes.

Process Operators (PDF, 2 MB)


European Union

A Europe based project involving Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Italy and Norway to assess the use of online distance learning in connection with oil spill crisis management.

Crisis Management


Faroe Islands

Building up local expertise in well engineering on the Faroe Islands.

Well Engineering (PDF, 218 kB)


Faroe Islands



Establishment of innovative network of quality within oil & gas education and training.

A partnership was established early on in 2012 between Vinnuháskúlin Centre of Maritime Studies and Engineering, Akureyri Comprehensive College, Greenland School of Minerals and Petroleum and Stavanger Offshore Technical College. The project was developed with the main goal of establishing an innovative network of quality within oil and gas education and training, while taking into account environmental and safety issues.

The overall aim of this project involving educational providers from the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland and Norway is to place partners, who are new to the oil and gas industry, on an equal level of competitivity in the international market when it comes to their capacity to offer training and education in related specialized areas. Project FING has received approval for funding from NORA and Nordplus.

Partners in the project:

  • Vinnuháskúlin Centre of Maritime Studies and Engineering is a vocational maritime school located in Tórshavn. It offers three year shipmaster and marine engineer courses as well as other maritime related courses. It was established in 2005 after the merger of the Faroese Nautical School, the Engineers School and the Faroese Firefighting School.
    Read more about the school here.

FING – Cooperation in Training and Education within Oil and Gas, Safety and Environment (Faroe Islands-Iceland-Norway-Greenland) (PDF, 797 kB)



Online learning program developed to provide training to drilling technicians. Technical College Petroleum (TCP) net-based Technology.

Technical College Petroleum (TCP) net-based Technology



Preparatory meeting for Project of Empowering Youth Vocational Skills for Automated Metal Industry: Norway/Poland

EEA Grant (PDF, 112 kB)


South Africa

The purpose of the Joint Venture between SAMTRA and SOTS Course Centre was to establish the terms for a mechanism to enable training and education for the oil and gas industry in South Africa and the countries of Sub Sahara.

Specialized Training/Education for the Oil & Gas Industry (PDF, 571 kB)


South Africa

Establishment of a training and education framework within specialized oil and gas industry.

PROJECT: Standardization of Training and Education for the Oil Industry in South Africa      

The agreement between SOTS and Western Cape FET colleges is to establish a framework within educational development: to develop opportunities for cooperation and collaboration in promoting and delivering education effectively in such specialized areas as:

  • oil and gas;
  • safety and environment;
  • mechanical and electrical;
  • welding, building, scaffolding;
  • and others.

Partners in the project:

PROJECT: Development of specialized courses delivered in South Africa for the sub-Saharan Oil & Gas industry

South African Maritime Training Academy (SAMTRA) is a maritime training academy situated in Simons Town, South Africa. Focus is predominantly on the provision of simulator based training. A signed Joint Venture is signed with SOTS to develop specialized courses delivered in South Africa for the sub-Saharan Oil & Gas industry.
Read more about the academy here.

Standardization of training and education for the oil industry in South Africa (PDF, 203 kB)


South Africa

Every year one 20-foot container full of used bicycles is being sent by Stavanger Offshore Technical College to The Bicycling Empowerment Network (BEN) in Cape Town. SOTS started this initiative in school year 2011-2012.



Training program set up in cooperation with the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD), Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PTIL), Climate and Pollution Agency (KLIF) and PETRAD.

Inspectors Training for Compliance Monitoring in the Sudanese Petroleum Industry (PDF, 456 kB)



Training Programme for Welding, Machining, Service & Maintenance and Petrochemical Laboratory.

Vietnam Train the Trainers Program (PDF, 3 MB)

Aker Solutions Well Service –
Cooperation on various joint ventures from training to use of facilities.

Chinese rig company with offices in Stavanger. COSL has provided a pipe-handling simulator for joint use at SOTS facilities.

Odebrecht Oil & Gas
SOTS has developed an OJT program for OOG offshore drilling department.

Seadrill –
Cooperation on several projects. Online training program Technical College Petroleum (TCP) was developed exclusively for Seadrill personnel.

Songa Offshore –
Partnership established for a fast-track training program.

Statoil –
The framework agreement encompasses technical training on national and international levels.

Weatherford –
Cooperation on varied industry related projects.



energiring petrad

Energiring and Petrad (
The partners of the consortium (SOTS, Petrad and Energiring) have signed a memorandum of collaboration agreement, committing themselves to deliver high quality courses, workshops, seminars, and other programs under the Energiring lead, on demand from Iranian authorities, industries, and R&D organizations.


Offshore Training Centre (Poland)
Cooperation between SOTS Course Centre and Offshore Training Centre allows Polish offshore workers to receive Norwegian Oil and Gas Association approved offshore training.


Norwegian Petroleum Directorate –
od-stor-fargeCooperation has taken place on several projects. One such project was for Inspectors Training for Compliance Monitoring in the Sudanese Petroleum Industry. PTIL and KLIF were also involved.


GALA Translations –
An MoU has been signed to promote Oil & Gas Knowledge Transfer between Norway and Kazakhstan. GALA Translations is a multi-business translations company offering a wide range of translation and interpretation services, education and training and business support, with offices in: Astana, Aktau, Atyrau, Almaty, Kazakhstan and Baku, Azerbaijan.


The Marine, Oil & Gas Academy (MOGA) –
The Marine, Oil & Gas Academy (MOGA) is a portal for skills development in the Marine, Oil & Gas sectors developed by the South African Oil & Gas Alliance (SAOGA) and aims to facilitate coordination of the various skills initiatives from industry, government and training by allowing participants to highlight their initiatives. The aim of the virtual Academy is to facilitate coordination of the various skills initiatives from industry, government and training by allowing participants to highlight their initiatives.